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Welcome to Cargo LX -
Your Trusted Logistics Partner!

We create more efficient ways for shippers and carriers to move freight.

Who We Are

About CargLX

At Cargo LX, we are committed to delivering seamless logistics solutions to meet all your shipping needs.

What Cargo LX Provide?

Dry Van

We specialize in dry van transportation, offering secure and reliable shipping for a wide range of goods.


Need temperature-controlled shipping? Count on us to handle your reefer loads with utmost care and precision.

Cargo Van Loads

For smaller shipments and time-sensitive deliveries, our cargo van loads are the perfect solution.

Dedicated Lanes

Our dedicated lanes ensure consistent and efficient deliveries, tailored to your specific requirements.

Hotshot Loads

When time is of the essence, we offer hot shot loads for swift and urgent deliveries.

Team Loads

For high-priority shipments, our team loads guarantee rapid and continuous transit.

Drop and Hook Shipment

Drop and Hook Shipment solutions provide efficient logistics options by enabling quick loading and unloading of freight, reducing downtime, and optimizing transit times for seamless deliveries.

Flexibility in Load Sizes

We cater to individual shipments, providing personalized care and attention to every load.

Less Than Truck Loads (LTL)

No shipment is too small. Our LTL services are ideal for smaller loads, cost-effectively shipped nationwide

Expanded Reach

Canadian Loads

Our services extend to Canadian shipments, ensuring seamless cross-border logistics for your business.

Future Expansion

Stay tuned for our upcoming expansion into additional supply chain loads, broadening our reach even further.

Meeting Time Sensitivity

time-Sensitive Loads

When timing is critical, we offer efficient handling and timely deliveries for your most time-sensitive loads.

Cross Docking Loads

Our cross-docking services expedite the transfer of goods, reducing transit times and increasing efficiency.

Government Loads

We have the expertise and certifications to handle government loads, adhering to strict regulations and ensuring reliable delivery.


Cutting-edge tracking systems for real-time shipment visibility.

In-house EDI technology, reducing costs and improving communication.

Direct communication and personalized support for all your logistics needs.

Secure login portals for easy data exchange and direct billing.


Join Cargo LX today and experience a new level of logistics excellence. We are here to serve your shipping needs with efficiency, reliability, and utmost care. Let's build a strong and successful partnership for a thriving supply chain.
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